Is Google planning a Glass relaunch in the near future?

Google Glass
Google has promised that its Glass wearable is going to make a return at some point, and a new job listing suggests that return might be sooner rather than later. The tech company is looking for an Advanced Technology Manufacturing Engineer, FATP — and that acronym at the end stands for Final Assembly, Test and Pack.

In other words, the job involves bringing Glass to the masses once again. It suggests that Glass version 2.0 is heading into the final stretch as far as manufacturing and production is concerned, although it’s difficult to predict when exactly a new model might appear — the original Glass was pulled from public sale in January this year.

Business Insider first spotted the listing, which went live three days ago. If you’re interested in throwing your hat into the ring for the position then you’re going to need at least a degree in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering, as well as five years of experience in a suitable role. Google also wants someone who has experience in consumer launches to oversee the re-emergence of Glass.

Whoever bags the role will be asked to liaise with manufacturers and vendors, “fast track product manufacturing to mass production” and “work with the Quality and Reliability team to define requirements for shipment.” That sounds very much like Google is working up to a Glass 2.0 launch, although there’s nothing official yet.

With the wearable now under the supervision of Nest’s Tony Fadell, who previously worked on the Apple iPod, the next version of Glass should be suitably stylish at least. It also faces an increasing number of competitors, with both Sony and Epson unveiling products since Glass disappeared from the scene.

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