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Meizu H1 Band is China's answer to Fitbit at just a quarter of the price

meizu h1 band fitbit competitor screen shot 2016 12 05 at 2 17 35 pm
Between the gym memberships, the juice routines, and the fitness trackers, staying healthy can be an expensive endeavor. But now, there is a new wearable that hopes to help you cut down on cost — at least as far as the tech is concerned. Meet the new H1 Band from Chinese consumer electronics company Meizu. Already one of Xiaomi’s biggest rivals in their home country, the company is taking on American products as well, promising a fitness tracker that has all the same functionality as the Fitbit, but at a quarter of the price.

Rumors have been swirling around the H1 for quite some time now, but it was not until Tuesday that the tracker was officially made available for pre-order in China. For just $33, the smart band packs quite a punch and really is quite comparable to most other wearables on the market. The lightweight device features a touchscreen display with a concealed OLED screen that alternately shows the wearer the time, a current step count, calories burned, and heart rate. You need only to tap the H1  to switch among these different data points.

The H1 also keeps tabs on your downtime, with an auto sleep-tracking feature that will tell you how many hours of shuteye you managed, as well as the breakdown between light sleep and deep sleep. You can use your wearable as an alarm, too, and determine just how intense of a vibration you want to wake you up in the morning.

And because the H1 pairs with your phone, you will receive incoming call and message notifications so you are always connected, even if you don’t have your smartphone on you.

The waterproof band is also safe for not only your sweatiest workouts, but also the shower and the pool, too. So if you’re in search of a wearable that will keep pace with your active lifestyle without breaking the bank, Meizu and its fitness trackers should probably be on your radar.

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