Remember Razer’s Nabu smartband? It’s finally going on sale December 2

razer nabu smartband lands december 2 for 100

Best known for producing tech for gamers, Razer surprised a few people at the start of the year when it unveiled the Nabu smartband, a wearable that made such an impact it ended up picking up several awards, including one from us.

You’re right, a considerable amount of time has passed since then, and this particular space in the wearables market is filling fast with an array of devices, but for the patient types who’ve been hanging on for the Nabu, the news is positive – the gadget officially goes on sale in North America on Tuesday (other regions following “later”).

In the many months that have rolled by since Razer first showed off its stylish smartband, the company has been keeping an eye on the fast-changing market, tweaking the design of its product following testing among consumers.

The $100 device hitting stores this week features a 128×32 OLED display though no longer incorporates the 32×32 screen we saw with the original version. The water-resistant Nabu pairs with your iOS or Android smartphone (it also works with Windows Phone but with limited functionality) via Bluetooth to deliver vibration-alert notifications, and includes sensors that help you track data such as distance traveled, calories burned, minutes active, and sleep time.

Razer claims that Nabu’s battery is powerful enough to keep it running for at least five days, with a full charge possible in just 30 minutes.

For Facebook and Twitter users, the device comes with wireless tech that lets users easily swap contact information with a high-five or more formal shake of the hands.

Apps for the wearable are currently few and far between, though Razer promises that “thousands” of developers are currently working on software to increase its usability.

The Nabu comes in two sizes, interestingly defined as “small-medium” and “medium-large,” and four colors – green, white, orange, and black. It’s compatible with the iPhone 5 and up, Android 4.3 and up, and will be available from Razer’s online store, as well as at select retailers.

[Source: Razer]