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Ringly has a new spring collection of bracelets, rings to keep you connected

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You’re here to make a statement and your jewelry should do the same. And if your jewelry comes from Ringly, it will likely do just that. On Thursday, the smart jewelry maker launched a new suite of rings and bracelets that promises to help you lead a healthy and more balanced lifestyle, all while maintaining peace of mind and your personal style.

The rings and bracelets from Ringly are not just aesthetically pleasing — they are activity trackers, too. Keep tabs on the number of steps you have taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and more. You can even set and manage your personal health goals so that you feel as good as your jewelry looks.

But Ringly is not just a pretty fitness wearable. Rather, it is a way to help you stay a bit more connected to the world by disconnecting you from your mobile device. Instead of constantly checking your phone (only to be disappointed by a blank screen), you can instead rest assured that you are not missing any key notifications thanks to your ring or bracelet. Ringly integrates with more than 100 applications, including Gmail, Bumble, JetBlue, and LinkedIn, so you can select which alerts you want to feel (thanks to four subtle vibration patterns and five light colors) and which ones can wait.

“We believe your jewelry should not only be beautiful but also smart,” Ringly founder and CEO Christina Mercando d’Avignon said. “Whether at the dinner table, out with friends, or in an important meeting, Ringly allows you to stay on top of your daily activity and mobile alerts so you never miss a beat, but aren’t glued to your phone.”

Included in Ringly’s newest collection are shiny gold, rose gold, and silver styles, all of which are crafted with semi-precious stones, including howlite, white moonstone, Amazonite, and purple jade. All pieces work within a 20- to 30- foot range from your phone and have a one-year limited warranty. All pieces in the collection are priced at $165.

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