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Fashionable smart ring Ringly gets a new, trendier design for the winter

Ringly Rhodium Ring
Back in June, New York-based startup Ringly released a range of smartphone connected rings, designed specifically to appeal to female tech fans, who want the convenience of a smartwatch, without the masculine or sporty looks. Now, in keeping with its fashion roots, the company has announced its Winter Collection for 2014. It’s a new design named Dive Bar, and it shifts from 18K matte gold to coming in a rhodium plated finish and featuring a tourmalated quartz stone.

Described as edgier than the classic designs seen earlier this year, it certainly looks more trendy, but the functionality seems to be the same. It connects to your phone using Bluetooth and will vibrate and light up when a call comes in, or on the arrival of a new message. It will also integrate with your phone’s calendar to alert you of new events. Alerts can be customized using the specially made app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

Without a screen, the Ringly ring can’t match the functionality of a smartwatch, but it will keep you informed of what’s going on when the phone’s hidden away in a bag. It’s also considerably more subtle than the majority of smartphone connected wearables, which are almost solely aimed at men.

The Dive Bar Ringly ring has a price of $195, and is scheduled for delivery in the next few months, although the company is vague on the date; it may not come out until early next year. If you pre-order any of the current Fall Collection rings before September 1, then they’re down from $195 to $145. You can place an order though the firm’s website.

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