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Ruawalk fitness wearable will keep your pace by matching the beat

ruawalk wearable
If you need motivation to keep your pace during a workout walk, try matching your steps to music beats with Ruawalk.

Ruawalk is a Kickstarter project that helps you keep a consistent pace during walks. The circular wearable first needs to pair with your smartphone, and then you can clip it to your shoe. The companion app features a collection of tracks that you can play when you start a workout. Like Guitar Hero and Dance, Dance Revolution, you get points and positive engagement when you match your pace with the beat of the song.

What’s neat is if you’re falling behind or not matching your pace with the song, a voice coach will audibly bring you back via your earbuds. There are seven different walking programs that range from 15 to 30 minutes long, each with a different types of songs and purpose. Unfortunately, you can’t use your own music, but the app will have more than 30 songs at launch.

The walking programs’ titles range from “I’m on a diet” and “Mood Booster,” to “Brain Walk” and “Lunchtime Stroll.” Presumably, programs like “I’m on a diet” will be more intensive, featuring fast-paced songs, compared to ones like “Lunchtime stroll. You can check out previews of what some of the music will be like on the company’s Kickstarter page.

The programs have different zones, starting with warm ups and ending with cool downs. “I’m on a diet,” for example, will have a 10-minute, high-intensity walking period in the middle followed by a 10-minute interval zone as well.

The battery will last three to five days of use, and you can charge it via a Micro USB port located on the device. It looks like the company may be on its way to being funded, as it’s only about $8,000 short of its $30,000 goal with 23 days to go.

You can buy the Ruawalk for $69 from Kickstarter now, and units are expected to ship — if successfully funded — by June.

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