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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4’s sleek design teased in detailed leak

Samsung is apparently gearing up to share its newest smartwatch OS at virtual Mobile World Congress (MWC) next week, and new leaks may have given us a look at the hardware. High-quality renders purport to show off the upcoming Galaxy Watch Active 4, a sleek wearable that’s slated to follow up the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

The renders were shared by veteran leaker Steve H.McFly, known as OnLeaks, on Wednesday. When compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch Active 4 has a streamlined look that takes the best parts of the older watch and modernizes them. Samsung is said to be offering the Active 4 in the standard two size options — 40mm and 44mm. According to the leak, the rounded case is aluminum, and the rubber strap appears to blend into the frame. The buttons are oblong for a different look from the roundish buttons on the Watch Active 2.

In terms of colors, the Watch Active 4 is reportedly coming in four different colors — black, silver, green, and gold. Though the renders show off the smartwatch’s colors, they are more likely illustrative rather than an accurate look at the exact shades.

As far as names go, it might seem logical for Samsung to be launching the Galaxy Watch Active 3 given the name of the last installment in the series, but assuming that Watch Active 4 is the shipping name, that moniker would not be out of left field. Samsung named its flagship smartwatch the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 instead of it being the Galaxy Watch 2, suggesting it counted the Active 2 as a replacement for the Watch 3. Thanks Samsung, for making it more confusing that it needed to be.

Outside of the redesign, the standout feature of this product is potentially going to be its operating system. It is expected to be the first smartwatch to launch with Google and Samsung’s new combined Wear operating system. The two companies promise enhanced support for animations, improved battery, and an overall faster operating system as a result of the merger. The Watch Active 4 would provide a tangible canvas for this vision to play out on.

Samsung is rumored to launch the Galaxy Wear Active 4 on June 28 when it shares its “new era of smartwatch experiences.” Look out for more details on that day, when Digital Trends will have all the official details.

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