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Keep yourself safe by wearing the Loop, an emergency contact ring

the loop emergency contact ring screen shot 2017 04 15 at 3 41 49 pm
When it comes to keeping yourself safe, you don’t have to don a Kevlar vest. Sometimes, a simple ring will do the trick. Not just any ring, of course, but rather the Loop. The wearable comes from cleverly named company Be Wear, and promises to be a fashion-forward connected device that pairs with any smartphone in order to discreetly notify your inner “security Loop” of emergency contacts when you need help.

The ring features a button on its side that lets you immediately notify up to five friends and family members of your GPS coordinates should you find yourself in an unsavory situation. So don’t worry if you can’t reach your phone — just reach for your ring instead.

Constructed with lightweight, water-resistant, and hypoallergenic metal, the Loop looks like a trendy piece of jewelry. But this accessory’s beauty is more than skin deep — it operates via Bluetooth signal, using just 5 percent of a phone’s average usage, in order to reach a connected mobile device up to six feet away. So no matter where you are, you should be able to stay connected to your emergency contacts.

“Emergency situations are not always what you expect,” said Carlos Zamorano, founder of Be Wear and creator of Loop. “One winter morning, my wife slipped when walking down the stairs. She was carrying my then-infant son, who fell headfirst onto the ground. Completely panicked, my wife ran to the emergency room without taking the time to warn me. Thankfully, my son turned out okay, but I couldn’t be there for him or my wife when they needed me the most because I didn’t find out about it until hours later. That’s why I created Loop.”

The Loop launched on Kickstarter today, with a funding goal of $50,000. If you’re interested in becoming an early adopter of the technology, you can get one today for 50 percent off the retail price at $75, with an estimated shipment date of September 2017. The companion app is free and already available on both iOS and Android.

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