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Amazon Exclusives launches, peddles products that aren’t quite exclusive

amazon exclusives store debuts jackery leaf
If you frequent Amazon during your online shopping, you might notice something new on the site today. It’s called Amazon Exclusives, and it features award-winning products spanning multiple categories from tech to fashion, but contrary to what the name suggests, it isn’t the only place you’ll be able to find these items.

Sellers will be able to make their products available for sale in physical stores and on their own websites, but Amazon is the only major online retailer that will be carrying them. The companies and individuals behind the products get exposure they’d be unlikely to find otherwise, and according to the press release announcing Amazon Exclusives, shoppers get the best price on these items.

If some of the products seem familiar, you aren’t imagining things. You might have seen some covered here — Jackery’s charging cases, for example — while you might have seen others, like an inflatable paddle board from Tower, during a Shark Tank episode. Tower CEO Stephen Aarstol says “For consumers, this new shopping experience is a big win because they get the confidence of shopping on Amazon plus early access to the style and innovation of these rising star brands.”

One major plus is that the orders are fulfilled by Amazon and not the seller, as is often the case, so all Amazon Exclusive products are eligible for free two-day shipping for Prime members.

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