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Amnesty Critiques Global Network Initiative

Amnesty Critiques Global Network Initiative

Influential human rights group Amnesty International has criticized the Global Network Initiative, the new human rights organization backed by Microsoft, Google and Yahoo.

In a statement, Amnesty – which had been involved in discussions about the group, but which backed out of involvement after seeing the final draft of its principles – said:

"Following careful consideration of these documents, Amnesty International has come to the conclusion that – while they represent a degree of progress in responding to human rights concerns – they are not yet strong enough to allow Amnesty International to endorse them."

Amnesty said that in spite of more than two years of talks, there were "several critical issues could not be resolved."

Although a number of human rights organizations have backed the Global Network Initiative, Amnesty’s criticisms will come as a blow. The World Organization for Human Rights USA has also expressed disappointment in the principles, which include a commitment to consider fighting unwarranted government demands in the court, according to the Guardian.

All three of the technology companies have come under fire for co-operating with Chinese authorities.

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