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Apple MagSafe Doesn’t Live Up To Its Name, Suit Says

Last August, Apple revised the design and replaced its MagSafe adapters for consumers, and as early as October 2007 it was getting ready to bring in new 85-watt MagSafe adapters for MacBook Pros following a raft of complaints.

According to AppleDefects.com, which had pictures, the adapters could get so hot that cables melted.

Now it’s all culminated in a class action law suit, brought in California by Naotaka Kitagawa, Timothy Broad, and Jesse Reisman. According to a report in The Register, the suit covers both the 85-watt and 60-watt adapters, alleging that the cable "dangerously frays, sparks, and prematurely fails to work."

What’s perhaps surprising is that this isn’t the first time Apple has faced a suit like this. Eight years ago it settled a suit concerning adapters for the PowerBook G3, replacing over half a million adapters.

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