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April Fools 2013 Roundup: YouTube closes, Twttr eliminates vowels, and more

It’s the one day of the year when every woman on your Facebook news feed is announcing a new relationship, an engagement, or a new baby and every Internet outlet (namely Google) is launching  (or shutting down) new products and services – Happy April Fool’s Day, everybody! Whether you fell for the gags or not, here are some of the best pranks that peppered the web to say a proper hey to the month of April:

Twttr wll strt chrgng fr vwls


To encourage Twitter users to employ a “more efficient and dense form of communication,” the micro-blogging site announced in a blog post that they will begin charging $5 a month for a premium Twitter service of using vowels in tweets. Users who primarily tweet in non-Latin character-based languages like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean can rest easy because they will not be affected by the service change. 

Twttr will gradually introduce the new two-tiered service to its users and is expected to reach full integration over the next few days. Having trouble freeing your tweets from space-consuming vowels? Don’t worry, Twitter built a tool that will convert your tweets to the new frmt.

Attention, Internet! The President of the United States has a special message

And here it is:

Kayak releases dating feature


While you’re searching for the best deals on plane fares, car rentals, and hotel accommodations, you can also find a new person to travel with through Kayak’s new Dates service. You can “search one” and be “done” – you can “save 25% or more” on a new romance and simultaneously peruse through hundreds of dating sites all at once. Simply specify the location, the distance, the age bracket, and the gender of your preferred mate and quickly have access to an aggregate of potential dates sourced from all over the Web. You can even make sure you’re a match by specifying body type (from Skinny to Whoa!), diet (from Vegetarian to Bacon or Bust), or pet (from Allergic to Petting Zoo) preferences. If you want to find dates on-the-go, there’s also a mobile app available for download. Happy date hunting!

Vimeo now exclusively for cat videos


To properly address the Internet’s insatiable love for all things cats, video-sharing site Vimeo is officially changing its name to “Vimeow,” where your cat videos truly belong. “Think of Vimeow as a small, cramped house with a lot of stuff in it, and a weird smell, and there are already a bunch of cats living there, but you can keep taking in more and more cats, because, well, they each have their own unique personality and, to be totally honest, you’re kind of lonely,” says the company formerly known as Vimeo, in a blog post announcing the change.

With the new cat-friendly platform, you can “patiently stalk” your favorite cat video creators, discuss kitties in The Litterbox, add aloofness to any video you upload, and chase your mouse (which, it turns out, is an actual mouse). In the future, you can award Tummyrubs for cat videos you like, and for frustrated cat lovers who don’t have their own pet, you can pretend to own one through Vimeow Purrks, a “virtual e-program that gives you all the benefits of actual cat ownership, including the ability to freak out when you can’t find someone to come over and check on your precious Chairman Meow when you go away for the weekend.” All in all, Vimeow is purrfect.

Sony puts pets first with Tech For Pets

Just like Vimeo, Sony is taking a bigger interest in one of man’s best friends by designing gadgets they can enjoy, under their new Animalia line of products. It includes a variety of products that fits any pet’s lifestyle, “whether they’re an urban commuter, a documentary buff looking to spend the night in, or a hardcore fitness nut with an active lifestyle.” The Hamster Workout provides music to the wheel, increasing its tempo the harder and faster your furry pal runs. The M3-OW KittyCans not only provides our feline friends clarity of sound, it also gives them an excuse to be what they’re meant to be – indifferent to human interaction. Lastly, the K9-4K television provides an ultra sharp picture quality, without the reds and greens all dogs can’t see to begin with as well as a 54.2 Surround Sound range that is beyond human hearing. Express your love for your pet with the Sony Animalia line today! 

Scope Mouthwash now comes in Bacon flavor

Want to have “breath that sizzles”? Scope Mouthwash introduces a brand-new product that provides you the taste of bacon goodness while you gargle. No, it does not leave your breath smelling meaty, but it does leave your mouth “minty fresh five times longer than brushing alone.” This product is a sure-win for all bacon lovers out there!

Samsung goes environmental with SMART Eco Trees

Smart Eco Tree

In its official blog, Samsung Electronics announced its newest product, “a smart, eco-friendly air purifier that runs on solar energy.” A perfect complement to the company’s plans for sustainable management, Smart Eco Trees are design to take in CO2 and replace it with oxygen for a more breathable atmosphere as well as rid various air pollutants. You can also enjoy fragrant S Buds that blossom and SMART Shades that provide cool shelter from the beating sun. You can climb a Smart Eco Tree and experience SMART View. Wherever you are, Samsung’s Smart Eco Trees are definitely worth considering for your garden – learn more about the product here – not just for beautification purposes, but also for sustainability.

The Toshiba ShibaSphere takes on PS4 and Wii U

Not to be outdone by its competitors, Toshiba picked April Fool’s day to unveil its brand new home game console, the ShibaSphere. With full Kinect-like body motion control, a 12-core processor, and a suite of new games that let the entire family simulate business contract negotiations, a staring contest, airport security, and petting a dog, it has something for everyone. Toshiba also sells a full-body spandex ShibaSuit and a ShibaDome, which is a giant dome that sits on your head anf eeds you “high-def visuals and superb 3D surround sound.” 

Hulu premieres fake TV shows

Hulu The Rural Juror

Hulu.com’s April Premieres are fake shows you may have heard before. The Rural Juror, Queen of Jordan, Mock Trial with J. Reinhold, Ya’ Heard? With Perd, and Inspector SpaceTime are a few of our favorites.

The YouTube contest is over!

To end this round up, we’d like you to watch Day 1 of YouTube’s ceremony to announce the nominees for best video in the world, live!

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