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One of YouTube’s most prolific creators has just quit his popular daily vlog

i'm ending the vlog
He’s one of YouTube’s most prolific contributors and his vlogs chalk up millions of views within hours of going online.

But Casey Neistat has just told his loyal army of 5.8 million followers that he’s done with the daily posts.

Neistat launched his daily vlog in March last year after already building up a sizable fan base on the Google-owned platform. His videos were an entertaining mix of work and family life, tech reviews, adventures on the road, random thoughts, and anything else he cared to throw in, which included a fair bit of POV action from his beloved Boosted board showing him hurtling through the streets of Manhattan (how did he never get knocked off that thing?).

Made to look raw and spontaneous but actually highly produced with plenty of careful planning and editing, his unique style has since spawned a bunch of copycat vloggers hoping for similar success.

But the motivated creative revealed over the weekend that the passion he once had for making his daily posts had waned in recent months, and he no longer felt the desire to “make the greatest video possible” day in, day out. He probably got fed up with carrying that DSLR, mic, and tripod everywhere he went, too.

Despite scoring 1.3 billion views to date and securing a steady revenue stream via ads, Neistat said the vlog’s creative challenge had “faded away” and that it had “started to get easy.”

Sounding at times more like a careers advisor that a hugely successful YouTuber, Neistat’s musings in his final vlog will no doubt be food for thought for many considering switching jobs, his upbeat thoughts on searching out the next big project perhaps motivating some of his followers to do the same.

“A career is always about progress, it’s never arriving in one place and staying there,” he says in his final daily video, adding, “The success of this vlog has only made me hungrier.”

The popular YouTuber said he had to kill his daily vlog “to give birth to what’s next,”  details of which he promised soon. That’s right, he has no intention of giving up YouTube anytime soon, and insists he’s going to create plenty of new videos that “take more than a day to produce.”

In the meantime, Neistat’s enormous catalog of work remains on his channel for his current fans and new followers to enjoy.

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