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Could .scot Be Coming?

Could .scot Be Coming?

Since there seem to be domains for almost everything on the horizon, why not a .scot? The SNP, Scotland’s governing party, seems to see it as a possibility, and is preparing an application to create the domain.

In a study, the Office of the Chief Researcher found that 58% of Scots organizations and institutions wanted a top level domain name, the Guardian reports, with 48% feeling .scot was a good idea. Among international social and interest groups, 82% were in favor of the move.

Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, said:

“The time is ripe for the worldwide family of Scots to have their own domain, reflecting an online community defined by a shared commitment to Scottish identity, culture and economic promotion.”

“It is not only for Scots who live in Scotland but for our extensive diaspora and it will be particularly appropriate for a bid to be made during the 2009 Year of Homecoming.”

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