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Dell Expands Chinese Retail Presence

Dell Expands Chinese Retail Presence

Computer maker Dell is expanding its retail efforts in overseas markets, announcing today that it has made a deal to sell notebook and desktop computers through China’s second-largest electronics retailer, Suning. At the same time, leading Chinese electronics retailer Gome will be doubling the number of locations that offer Dell gear. The deals will make Dell computing products available in many of China’s major urban areas through Hontu stores, as well as PC retailer stores like Wuxing, Meicheng, Heng Chang, and Heyong.

“The China consumer electronics market continues to see exciting growth,” said Dell’s consumer business VP and general manager for sales and marketing Michael Tatelman, in a statement. “It is great to see the Dell brand associated with the top retail brands in China giving access to our products to a wider audience of Chinese consumers.”

The agreements will see Dell equipment offered in more than 300 Suning stores and nearly 900 Gome locations throughout China; that brings the total worldwide tally of retail locations offering Dell equipment to over 12,000, including deals in India, Europe, Japan, the UK, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil, as well as U.S. and Canadian retailers.

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