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eBay now has an ‘under $10’ section for bargain hunters, just like Amazon

Following in Amazon’s footsteps, eBay has just launched its own $10-and-under section featuring hundreds of categories and free shipping.

Yes, that super-low price tag means no bidding is necessary, leaving you to simply browse, choose, and order.

“Nothing beats the thrill of discovering amazing items at incredible prices,” eBay’s Bradford Shellhammer said. “With ‘Under $10,’ we’re making it fun and simple to shop eBay’s selection of new, affordable items.”

Of course, just how many “amazing” items you manage to find among all the listings really depends on your personal preferences, though with millions of products apparently available, we’re certain you’ll stumble across something to drop a few bucks on.

As with eBay’s regular site and others like it, you can browse the items in lots of different ways, such as “trending,” “price,” or “tech under $3,” and so on.

A quick dive into the gadgets uncovers a luminous lamp that’s also a wireless Bluetooth speaker (or is it a wireless Bluetooth speaker that’s also a luminous lamp?) for under five bucks, and a pair of AirPod-like wireless earbuds for under ten bucks (no, don’t expect the same build and sound quality as Apple’s $159 AirPods). You’ll also find plenty of video games and gaming accessories, as well as gadgets for the kitchen, and movies on DVD and BlueRay.

Essentially, if you enjoy online shopping as much as you enjoy tracking down a bargain, then eBay’s new section may well eat into some of your free time this weekend. Even better, you can shop safe in the knowledge that a single purchase won’t leave you bankrupt, unless, of course, you’re down to your last couple of bucks.

eBay’s launch of an under-$10 section comes just weeks after rival online marketplace Amazon did the very same thing. Selling a vast range of items, among them  clothes, scarves, hats, sunglasses, phone cases, tools, and toys, Amazon’s effort also offers free shipping to customers, whether or not they’re subscribed to Prime.

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