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Facebook Flash Mob Closes Station

Facebook Flash Mob Closes Station

On Friday evening a large group of people, mimicking a popular T-Mobile television ad, descended on London’s Liverpool Street station, forcing it to close for 90 minutes.

According to Vnunet, the group – a so-called ‘flash mob’ – was brought together by an announcement on a Facebook page that read:

"The Liverpool Silent Dance, this is where everyone meets at Liverpool Street station, you play your ipod, or MP3 Music Player in your ears and dance to your own music. We want to make this the biggest event so please add all your friends to this group."

Video posted later showed a station so packed that police had to be called to restore order, and group members said it was so crowded that they couldn’t hear their music over the screaming. Another event, at a different station, is planned for tomorrow by the Facebook group.

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