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Google launches new job-hunting tool for military veterans

Google celebrated Veteran’s Day in the U.S. by launching a new website aimed at helping military veterans transition back into civilian life, and offer some valuable job-search assistance.

The new Google for Veterans and Families site assembles a variety of useful, pre-existing online tools — including Google Calendar, Gmail, and other resources — as well as veteran-specific Google Plus and YouTube services. There’s also an automatic Resume Builder tool based on Google Docs.

In a partnership with the National Resource Directory, Google also put together Veterans Job Bank, a job-search tool customized for returning soldiers. It currently contains around half a million job vacancies around the country.

The search engine targets veteran-committed job openings in various employment databases and offers employers some instruction how to make their vacancies appear in veteran-specific searches.

Google’s future plans for the site include a Tour Builder tool that will allow veterans to create a visual history of their service with photos, video, and links.

You can find out more about Google’s new services for military veterans at the official Google blog.

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