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Here’s the only place at CES where your vote really matters

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Mention CES and every geek’s palms get sweaty. At the annual gadgetfest, every major manufacturer presents its product line-up for the year, every high-definition television, sure, but also every wireless speaker system, every new 3D printer, every case for every smartphone ever made. The show is awesome  — but you’re not invited.

CES is at heart a business to business conference, where dealers in plaid jackets bargain to buy and sell video cameras and refrigerators over mai tais and pai gow. Boring.

But CES is host to two of the most amazing, entertaining bits of spectacle you’ll ever see, however — live shows where the makers of the most cutting-edge gadgets and apps are given a stage, an audience of hundreds, and just 4 minutes to sell their products and defend their lives. Now THAT is awesome. This year, Digital Trends is  proud to be the exclusive media partner for two of CES’ longest-running competitions, Last Gadget Standing and Mobile Apps Showdown.

Each competition crowns two winners – one chosen by a veritable who’s who of technology’s most well know writers, pundits, and editors, and attendees of the live event vote on a winner. And one chosen by you! Cast your votes on the competitions’ websites to help choose the People’s Choice winner for Last Gadget Standing and The Mobile Apps Showdown at CES. The polls will stay open until January 7th.

You can vote at each of the competition’s websites where you’ll find in-depth descriptions and short videos for all the entrants. Vote for as many different products and apps as you want, but you can only vote for each one once. On the sites, you’ll see who the pundits selected as finalists, but you’re not limited to these companies. For the People’s Choice, all the products and apps listed are in contention.

This is literally the only place at CES where your vote matters.

Where you, the discerning technologist, can weigh in on which is the most interesting, the most game-changing, the most worthy of being crowned the Last Gadget Standing, or winning the Mobile Apps Showdown.

Whichever product or app YOU pick as the winner gets one step closer to earning the People’s Choice, which will be crowned alongside one chosen by that discerning panel of pundits at Last Gadget Standing and Mobile Apps Showdown live presentations at CES, hosted by Jon Hein of the Howard Stern Show at The Las Vegas Convention Center on Jan 8.

The show is an institution at this point, This is the 14th year for LGS and the 5th year for MAS. Before there were mobile apps or crowdfunding or Bluetooth, there was the Last Gadget Standing.

Both contests have dozens of cool products for you to vote on. So what are you waiting for? Vote your favorite now. And let us know which you’ve chosen by tweeting it out, either with the hashtag #LastGadgetCES or using the hashtag #MobileAppsCES

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