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Interim Digital Britain Report Released

 Interim Digital Britain Report Released

The interim Digital Britain report was finally released yesterday, four days later than planned, outlining plans for the UK’s digital feature. The man behind it, Lord Carter, the communications minister, set out a platform that includes broadband for all by the time Britain hosts the Olympic Games in 2012.

The broadband speeds would be “up to” two megabits per second, fast enough to watch or download a movie, and will employ a mix of landline, mobile and wireless technology, with the impetus coming from telecoms companies and broadcasters, rather than from large government subsidies.

But the government will be involved in possible legislation forcing ISPs to notify illegal downloaders that they’re breaking the law. The government has said that evidence from other countries shows that two-thirds of illegal downloaders alter their behavior when warned.

ISPs will have to collect both anonymous data and personal details, so that in the event of a court order, rights holders can take legal action. However, the proposal doesn’t support a move to throw repeat offenders off the net.

The full report will be published later this year.

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