Craigslist competitor Letgo adds housing listings for renters and buyers

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Just a few days ago DT listed Letgo as one of its faves when it comes to Craigslist alternatives. Sure, there are a bunch to choose from when it comes to online marketplaces selling used goods, but Letgo has been noted for the easy-to-use interface that it offers with its iOS and Android apps.

More than 75 million people have downloaded the app since its launch in 2015, and the startup this week announced it’s expanding its scope with listings for housing and other property across the U.S.

The move comes a couple of months after major competitor Facebook added hundreds of thousands of new apartment listings to its Marketplace site.

Available to all users in America by the end of January, Letgo has endeavored to make the process simple whether you’re posting or searching for a property.

As with other listings on its site, users can simply snap a photo and select a few key details in order to post a place for rent or sale. It’s also possible to add more images later on in “just a few taps,” according to Letgo.

Those hunting for a property can easily filter local listings to help them find exactly the kind of place they’re looking for, while instant-chat functionality means you can contact the poster directly and quickly if you have any pressing questions about the listing.

As usual, anyone on Letgo can view another user’s profile, rating, and reviews to learn more about the buyer/seller, and to see what others have said about their dealings with them.

Commenting on Letgo’s expansion into property listings, Alec Oxenford, the startup’s co-founder, described the move as “the natural evolution of a vast and diverse marketplace like ours.”

Oxenford said his team has designed Letgo “to make it effortless to list what you don’t need and find what you do in your own neighborhood, whether that’s a snowboard, an SUV, or a two-bedroom apartment with a view.”

While Letgo and its competitors would love to knock Craigslist from its perch, that certainly isn’t going to happen overnight, if ever. Still, Letgo has been largely well received by those who’ve tried it, with users so far having posted more than 200 million second-hand items. The addition of property listings looks set to generate even more interest in the app.


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