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NASA invites your questions for its first ever live Google+ Hangout with space station astronauts

international-space-stationYou’d think astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) would be too busy staring slack-jawed at the stunning view of Earth to engage in a Google + Hangout with us mere mortals back on terra firma, but it’s going to happen.

NASA has announced that between 11am and noon ET on February 22, it’ll be launching its first ever live Google+ Hangout with the folks aboard the ISS.

“This event will connect NASA’s social media followers with astronauts….living and working aboard the laboratory orbiting 240 miles above Earth,” NASA said on its website on Thursday.

If you have a question you’d like to put to the astronauts on the ISS, you’ll need to submit it on video before February 12. NASA will select the best ones for the Hangout.

But take note – NASA said “unique and original questions” have more chance of being chosen, so forget “What did you have for breakfast?” and think more along the lines of “How would you react if a spandex-clad alien with the face of a youthful-looking Donald Trump knocked on the window and asked for directions to Andromeda?” On seconds thoughts, that probably wouldn’t make the cut either.

Video questions should be less than 30 seconds long and uploaded to YouTube with the tag #askAstro.

“Also use #askAstro to ask real-time questions on Google+, YouTube or Twitter during the event,” NASA said on its site. “On the morning of the event, NASA will open a thread on its Facebook page where questions may be posted.”

The Hangout, which will feature ISS astronauts Kevin Ford, Tom Marshburn and Chris Hadfield, can be watched live on NASA’s Google+ page or on the NASA Television YouTube channel.

While anyone can go online to watch NASA’s upcoming Hangout, there’s been no word yet on who’ll fill the 10 face-to-face slots open to participants.

And if you haven’t already done so, take a moment to sign up to NASA’s Spot the Station service, which notifies you when the ISS is passing overhead – that way you can pop your head out of the window and give the astronauts a friendly wave while you’re watching them during the Hangout.

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