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No Indictment Against Palin Hacker

No Indictment Against Palin Hacker

David Kernell, the University of Tennessee student accused of hacking into Republican Vice President candidate Sarah Palin’s Yahoo e-mail account, has been in front of a grand jury.

But it ended its session without returning an indictment against Kernell, who is the son Tennessee Democratic state representative Mike Kernell.

Reports from several sources show that the IP address used to hack Palin’s account was traced to the building where Kernell lives, and the FBI searched Kernell’s Knoxville apartment over the weekend, according to Information Week.

In a statement, Kernell’s attorney, Wade V. Davies, said:

"This is a difficult time for David and his family. The Kernell family wants to do the right thing, and they want what is best for their son. We are confident that the truth will emerge as we go through the process."

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