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Only 88 Pct of U.S. Youth Have Net Access

Only 88 Pct of U.S. Youth Have Net Access

The Center for the Digital Future, part of USC’s Annenberg School, has released its World Internet Report, detailing the global impacts of Internet and online technologies, including its use in communication, media, social and political processes, information, commerce, and other facets of everyday life. Once of the findings? While some 88 percent of young Americans have access to the Internet, that figure is far behind Internet access for youngsters and teens in other countries. For instance, 95 percent of Canadian youth have Internet access; the Czech Republic and Macao come in at 96 percent, Israel at 98 percent. And the winner? Apparently 100 percent of young Britons have access to the Internet.

The U.S. also trails Sweden, New Zealand, and Canada in Internet usage by citizens over 18 years old.

Researchers for the World Internet Report spoke with more than 25,000 people in Australia, Asia, the Americas, and Europe during late 2007 and 2008. The report is published annually in the United States, but the 2009 report marks the first time the study has included global data.

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