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People will do anything for a WWDC 2012 ticket, up to and including fraud

Craigslist WWDC AdvertThe tickets for Apple’s 2012 Worldwide Developer Conference went on sale yesterday, and swiftly sold out in less than two-hours. The event, known best as WWDC, is a staple of Apple’s annual calendar, and aside from the workshops is famed for the opening keynote speech.

Given that the $1600 tickets all sold out in such a short amount of time, there are sure to be people who missed out on the opportunity, but rather than vow to be quicker next year, some will try to bag one using alternative methods.

Apple is fully aware of the chaos which would arise if tickets could be scalped, so to its credit, has made each one non-transferable. If you bought one, it’s yours, and that’s it.

However, a very (very) keen Apple fan has taken to Craigslist to try and persuade someone to part with their WWDC ticket. He’s offering to change his name to match that found on the ticket, plus perform any jury duty, community service (but only up to 40 hours) or DMV business for one year too.

There’s even a $500 bonus if the ticket holder’s name is Jebodiah, indicating that either the advert’s author is similarly named, or they’re already considering such an alteration.

Finally, as if all the above wasn’t motivation enough, the kindly future-you will visit your “senile grandfather” once a month. What a guy.

Now, we want to think no-one is so stupid as to not only publicly advertise a desire to fraudulently obtain a ticket, but to also risk a wide variety of charges should he have to perform jury duty in the coming 12-months, just to go to WWDC 2012?

It’s also a whole lot of effort when, with a little patience, the vast majority of development sessions turn up online, free for registered Apple developers.

So, to maintain our faith in humanity, we’ll file this one under “must be joking.”

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