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Peru comes to Street View, service now covers 3000+ cities in 51 countries

peru comes to street view

Google’s Street View cars are continuing to make their way around the world, with Peru the latest country to join the ranks of those visited by the Mountain View company’s camera-laden motors.

In fact, according to a Google+ post announcing the news, the South American nation is the 51st country to join Street View, with its major cities now among more than 3,000 around the world that’ve been given the Street View treatment.

To make the most of your armchair-based Street View trip to Peru, be sure to click on the thumbnail images at the bottom right of your screen to bring up a panel offering more full-size images of a location or famous landmark using public user-contributed photos from Picasa and Panaromio .

Where possible, Google has brought these images together to create a photo tour that show a particular location from multiple angles, with the pictures morphing from one to another. Such tours are currently available for more than 15,000 famous sites around the world.

The Street View team also said it has expanded its coverage of Chile, with a colossal 21,000 miles of the country’s roads now mapped by its vehicles. Among South American nations, Google’s Street View cars have also mapped parts of Brazil.

Google has been rolling out a ton of Street View updates in recent months. Besides adding 360-degree imagery for more unusual locations – the interior of the world’s largest passenger plane, the top of the highest building in the world, and Doctor Who’s TARDIS among them – it also recently launched a new behind-the-scenes site offering users the chance to find out more about how some of the content was gathered.

[Image: Llanganuco Orconcocha in Peru]

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