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Sony BMG Sued For Piracy

Sony BMG Sued For PiracyTurnabout, they say, is fair play, and what a turnabout this is. Sony BMG has always been ready and eager to go after people for music piracy. It went so far asto install anti-copying software on CDs that put users at risk of hacking, a move that ended with it having to pay compensation. But now the company has gone even further, as it’s now beenaccused of using pirated software by a French company, PointDev. The problem first came to light when a Sony BMG employee called PointDev asking fortech support regarding an application called Ideal Migration. PointDev claim that the keycode the employee used was pirated, meaning that the software has been used illegally since it was installedin 2004. Now PointDev is suing Sony BMG. Paul-Henry Agustoni, chief executive at PointDev, told French website 01net, "We are not interested in an amicablesettlement. It is not just a question of money but more importantly the principle. We are forced to watch every week to see if key software pirates are on the internet. We are a small company of sixemployees. Instead of trying to protect ourselves, we could spend this time to develop ourselves."   Doubtless thousands of music downloaders will be cheering at the news.

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