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UK Might Make CD Copying Legal

UK Might Make CD Copying LegalThe BBC has reported that moves are underway to change UK laws and make it legal for owners of CDs to copy them onto their home computers. Of course, peoplealready do that anyway, but technically ay least, ripping is illegal. However, the legal process, which is open for comment until April 8, could well change, and the music industry has given guardedapproval.                                                                                    However, only copying for personal use would be allowed, and sharing or giving away the music would remain illegal.   Lord Triesman, the intellectual property minister, noted that the changeswould explore "where the boundaries lie between strong protection for right holders and appropriate levels of access for users".   The BPI, whichrepresents record companies, supported the clarification of the changes, but unsurprisingly warned that the rights of companies needed to be protected. On the other hand, the Association of Independent Music pointed out that CDs could become obsolete soon, and, of course, the law doesn’t seem to address that eventuality.  Finally, the changes suggest that schools and libraries should be offered greater flexibility in the way they’re allowed to use copyrighted material like CDs and DVDs, while parodies of songsand films should be exempted from existing copyright law.

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