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Voice-Activated Headset Foils Robbery

You couldn’t make it up, or if you tried, no one would believe you.   When 35 year-old Keith Sturgill entered a Wendy’s restaurant in Columbus,OH, on Wednesday morning, he planned on robbing the fast-food place, according to an AP report. But it all went horribly wrong.   He was holding the employees atgunpoint, waiting for the time-locked safe to open, when two phones rang – that of the restaurant and a cellphone belonging to an employee. Sturgill shouted that he’d shoot anyone whoanswered.   However, his voice was loud enough to activate the headset on the employee’s cell. That meant the caller, a friend who worked in a local bank, heard the robber and then calledthe police.   After the police surrounded Wendy’s, Sturgill emerged with his gun at an employee’s head. He was persuaded to let the hostage go, but before he surrendered, he jammedthe gun into his own forehead so hard that he bled.

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