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With dual motors and all-wheel drive, the Broon F870 is like a mini Tesla for the kids

Henes, with its Broon range of small electric vehicles, is reshaping the world of pint-sized exploration.

The F8 Series cars aren’t just toys though; in fact the company describes the range-topping F870 as “a supercar for your kids.”

That may seem like a bold (and perhaps superfluous) claim, but it’s actually backed up by the car’s specifications.

Like Telsa’s 691-horsepower Model S P85D, the F870 features an all-wheel drive, dual-motor electric setup. Furthermore, Henes’ creation wears disc brakes and an independent gas shock-coil spring suspension setup just like many performance vehicles do.

According to Henes, “every aspect of Broon perfectly displays the identity of a real car.” Take a closer look and you’ll see a leather seat, four-point safety harness, a stereo speaker unit literally driving the point home.

To keep the young’nes safe, there’s an Active Driving Safety System that can power down the vehicle and give voice instructions when harsh terrain or an electric issue is detected. It even has a seven-inch Android tablet in case they get lost.

Don’t worry, it’s nicer than my car, too.

The F870 Series uses five levels of speed and three driving modes to rocket all the way up to its 10-mph top speed. The two-door is a bit cramped, however, even for children. Some reviews state that kiddos four feet tall or higher will probably have to take the bus.

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For a product like this, the styling, refinement, and comfort are all exceptionally sharp, and the concept car lines will ensure that your kid is the most popular motorist in the cul-de-sac.

The cost for all this luxury ranges from $895 to $1,000 depending on options, and that’s a lot of allowance.

It’s actually pretty reasonable considering what you get though, and let’s be honest, the kids aren’t paying for it anyway.