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Kahn Design thinks small with customized Land Rover Defender 90 Pick Up

Known around the world for its custom-built Land Rovers, Kahn Design is showcasing its first-ever modified Defender Pick Up.

Starting with a standard short-wheelbase 2011 Defender 90 Pick Up, Kahn has added a full body kit that includes a redesigned radiator grille with yellow and black inserts as well as fender flares on all four corners. Yellow 16-inch alloy wheels add a contrasting touch to the overall look, while a leather tonneau cover hides the content of the bed from prying eyes.

The interior has been upgraded with a pair of racing-inspired bucket seats upholstered with black quilted leather, a Kahn-specific instrument cluster with red gauges and a sprinkling of aluminum trim. Overall, Kahn’s Defender is a lot more posh than the utility vehicle it is based on.

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The Defender’s upscale aspirations fade when the hood is opened. Kahn has not made any modifications in the engine bay, meaning the custom-built off-roader is powered by an older 2.4-liter diesel-burning four-cylinder mill that sends 122 horsepower to all four wheels via a six-speed manual transmission. The engine is borrowed from the Ford Transit van, a reminder of the days when Land Rover was bundled together with Jaguar, Volvo and Aston Martin under the Premier Automotive Group umbrella.

Kahn has not revealed how much its custom-built Defender Pick-Up retails for. If it’s any indication, the used model depicted in the promotional shots is currently on sale in the United Kingdom for £28,930, a sum that converts to over $43,000.