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15 problems with the MacBook Air, and how to fix them

Having troubles with your MacBook Air? It doesn’t matter if you have an older version or the latest, most ephemeral Air model – sometimes things go wrong with this ultra-light laptop. This guide will help you make things right again. Check out the list below for common problems that Air users have experienced and how to fix them, or go to the next page to view them all in order.

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Problem: I can’t turn my MacBook Air on


  • First, check to see if your whole Mac has turned off, or just the screen. Is it still making noise? Does the Caps Lock key still light up? Does pushing the Power Button making a chiming noise? Then the issue is probably with your screen, and you should skip to the next problem on our list.
  • If your MacBook is truly off and refuses to turn on, then check for any power problems. Cover the basics first. Is your battery charged? Does your laptop work when the power cord is plugged in? Does an extra power cord work? This indicates a problem with your battery or power cord. You should also disconnect everything (including your mouse, mobile devices, etc.) from your MacBook and see if that helps fix the problem.
  • Reset your MacBook. You can reset simply by holding down the power button for at least ten seconds. Then push the power button again as you would normally to see if your Mac turns back on.
  • Sometimes an important new upgrade like new memory can freeze your MacBook in permanent “uh-oh” mode. This is rare for the Air, which is built with a very compact design and resists most modding attempts. However, if you have added memory or other capabilities via external or internal work, note that removing upgrades may solve your problem. The access to Apple’s instructions may help here.

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