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The best MacBook Air cases and covers

The Macbook Air is a great example of slim computing. Apple’s latest model is even more powerful than ever, but the thin and light design sacrifices durability. Luckily, there are quite a few third-party products that can protect your laptop.

To keep your investment safe, consider using a case, cover, or shell. Below we list the best that we think you’ll love. Most cater to the A1932 and A2179 models with Touch ID. If you’re not sure of the model you have, check the tiny print on the bottom.

The best cases for MacBook Air at a glance:


AmazonBasics laptop sleeve (all)

AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve

If you blew your whole budget on the MacBook Air itself, there’s no need to break the bank for a basic sleeve. This Amazon offering is the best trade-off between price and quality, a no-frills sleeve made from soft, stretchy neoprene, with a single zipper along the top. Even with the MacBook Air inside, the sleeve has room to spare.

Unfortunately, there’s also no strap or handle, so you’ll need a separate bag. Still, this sleeve is well worth a look for the price. It’s available in Black, Blue, Grey, Navy, and Purple color options.

tomtoc recycled laptop sleeve

This sleeve is made from 100% recycled materials, but its environmental impact isn’t the only good thing about case from tomtoc. The sleeve is water resistant, so you can carry the case in the rain without worrying about your MacBook Air inside it.

There is also a ton of padding in the case, offering 360-degree protection for your computer. The corners are also lined with the company’s CornerArmor bumpers, further protecting it from drops and falls.

Along with the rugged protection, the tomtoc also comes in a variety of styles, so you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for effectiveness. Combine that with the additional pocket for carrying chargers and accessories, and the tomtoc is a great overall case for any MacBook Air user.

Inateck case sleeve

Inateck consistently makes some great sleeves for computers, and that trend continues with this case made for the new M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Users will immediately notice the thick and plush padding on the interior and along the sides of the sleeve. Within the edges are additional bumpers, offering 360-degree protection from drops and falls. The external fabric is also water-resistant, so your MacBook Air is safe from drops and the rain. There is also a single pocket for accessories on one side, and the case also comes with a smaller travel bag for any additional accessories.

All of this comes in a lovely textured grey package that is suitable for any office environment.


iBenzer Hexpact heavy duty protective case (A1932/A2179)

Ibenzer Hexpact

Apple’s MacBook Air is sleek and thin, but delicate. It needs iBenzer’s heavy-duty case for owners who are accustomed to sturdier, thicker laptops. Constructed out of TUP and polycarbonate, it’s designed to handle heavy drops up to 4 feet and general heavy-handed misuse by dissipating all impact throughout the honeycomb body.

Available in black, blue, and clear, it’s not meant to be attractive, although the blue version is probably our favorite design. As shown above, the bottom portion sports a more refined honeycomb design while the upper portion reveals more of the MacBook Air’s lid. It also includes black rubber bumpers and bottom skid pads.

ProCase protective cover with fold kickstand (A1932/A2179)

ProCase Cover with Kickstand

While the iBenzer case targets rugged durability, this case by ProCase is more about style and usability. The big takeaway here is the folding kickstand that angles the MacBook Air up for better viewing and a more comfortable typing experience. Rubberized feet keep it from shuffling across the table, even in kickstand mode.

The casing itself features a semi-transparent shell framed by a shock-absorbent wraparound bumper. The bottom sports a similar bumper, protecting the MacBook Air from all angles. Vents along the bottom allow for proper heat disbarment, so there are no worries about overheating.

This case is available in gray, black, khaki, light blue, and rose red.


MOSISO watercolor marble shell and sleeve bag (A1932/A2179)

Mosiso Watercolor Marble Shell

If a shell is all that’s required, Mosiso provides various colorful solutions for protecting many different MacBook Air models. In this case, we chose a shell with a nice blue design to give the laptop a little extra flair. However, this bundle also includes two matching keyboard skins, webcam covers, a screen protector, and a sleeve bag. Not bad for the price!

Unlike other cases, this Mosiso cover only protects the lid of your laptop. That’s ok by us, as we don’t regularly showcase the bottom of our computers while working at the coffee shop or library. Mosiso does provide a sleeve bag to protect your machine while on the move, which accomplishes the same goal.

This isn’t any ordinary laptop sleeve, either. There’s a water-repellent peony polyester exterior, a shockproof sponge around the edges, and a soft internal fluff cushion. Four small pockets inside hold the MacBook Air securely in place.

Top Case rubberized hard shell (A1932/A2179)

Top Case Rubberized Shell

Top Case uses two matching pieces that eliminate the need for a protective sleeve. One piece protects your laptop’s lid, while the other covers the machine’s bottom – both are easy to put on and take off. Built-in vents are a handy feature that minimizes the chances of your laptop overheating.

This shell keeps your laptop safe from damage while looking stylish; the Top Case comes in a wide range of 17 bold colors. Best of all, the price point is exceptionally budget-friendly, so you can grab one for yourself and one for a friend.

The look of your Top Case is also customizable. If you’re going for a certain aesthetic, you can upload a graphic image and have it printed on your shell. It’s an upcharge but well worth it for the impressive result.

OZADE arsty hard shell case (M1 A2337/A2179/A1932)

If you want to make a statement with your MacBook Air case, one of the many hard shells from OZADE is a perfect option. Each of these cases comes with a unique art piece on the aesthetic shell. We’re particular fans of the One Line One World option, with its minimal yet eye-catching artwork.

This shell isn’t just about the looks, though. It’s a two-piece plastic shell that protects the lid as well as the bottom of your MacBook Air. The bottom piece comes with rubberized feet to keep your Mac from sliding around, and it even includes a webcam cover, a keyboard cover, and a storage bag.

All of that makes for a great comprehensive package that helps your MacBook Air stand out and stay protected.

Dongke composite notebook case (A2337 M1/A2179/A1932)

Dongke makes a lot of high-quality plastic shells for the MacBook Air, but the composite notebook design is too unique to be dismissed. Along with its look, it has plenty of protection to further justify the purchase. The plastic shell is precisely cut to access all the ports and fit snugly around the edges of the MacBook Air. The case attaches via micro clips, so it is easy to snap on and remove.

Note that this case is made specifically for the most recent MacBook Airs, so if you’re looking for a case for an older model, you will have to double check Dongke’s selection to find the right one.

All in all, this is a pretty fun and different case for MacBook Air owners.

G JGOO faux crocodile leather case (A2337/A2179/A1932)

Getting a leather case can add a certain premium look to your MacBook Air. That’s certainly the case with this faux crocodile leather cover from G JGOO. It’s soft to the touch, and the ridged texture makes it easy to grip without worrying about the laptop slipping from your hands. The case also includes a keyboard cover to match the color. We are particular fans of the black, but it also comes in pink, as well as regular black and blue without the faux leather.

The cutouts are designed for the 2018-2020 MacBooks, so you can still access all the ports with ease. Despite the faux leather, the casing is actually made from hard plastic to protect the computer from drops and falls.

This case from G JGOO feels as nice as it looks, and it will definitely make your MacBook Air stand out.

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