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Acer teases gamers with upcoming Predator desktops and laptops for 2015

This Wednesday, Acer announced it will be refreshing its aging line of Predator computers and mobile devices with a brand new desktop, laptop, and tablet targeted to take over the notoriously fickle gaming set.

The company has faced fierce competition in the gaming space lately from the success of rebranding efforts like Asus’ ROG (Republic of Gamers), and are now looking to solidify themselves as a jack of all trades in the PC industry as a whole.

The reveal came on the heels of Acer’s press event, held atop One World Trade in New York City. There, the company’s CEO Jason Chen boisterously claimed that his business would be “the last one standing” in the PC arena, looking ahead to the release of Windows 10 as a stepping stone that the company plans to use to get itself back on top where it belongs.

First out of the gate this quarter will be the company’s new G-Sync-ready X35 monitor, which will feature a wraparound, 3,440 x 1,440 35-inch IPS display running at a blistering refresh rate of 144Hz.

Following that in Q3 we’ll get a taste of the Predator desktop and Android tablet which, while on display for pictures at the event, still have no hard specs attached for us to mull over just yet.

Last into the fray will be the 15 and 17-inch Predator laptops, which we’re told to expect sometime in Q4. Chen says both will come with customizable keyboards, and a quote “massive” cooling system that wraps around the entire bottom half of the enclosure.

Other devices that made an appearance at One World Trade include more of Acer’s bread-and-butter devices, like a new Chromebook 15, the Iconia Tab 10 tablet, and an update to the two-in-one Aspire R11 convertible clamshell.