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The best ultra-wide monitor you can buy

Turn your desk into a command center with the best ultrawide monitors

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Sometimes you need a little extra screen real-estate, and the typical 16:9 monitor won’t do. Whether you’re a creative professional who needs a massive curved display, or a gamer looking for the most immersive experience you can possibly get outside of VR, there’s probably an ultra-wide monitor for you. Be careful though, ultra-wides are dangerous – once you try one, you’ll be spoiled for all other monitors. Even the sharpest, clearest 16:9 monitor will seem insubstantial and inadequate by comparison.

That said, if you’re prepared to take the plunge, read on. We’ve gathered the best of the best in the ultra-wide monitor market and run them through a barrage of tests to determine their fitness to display your games, your movies, or even your workspace.

Our pick

Samsung SE790C monitor

Why should you buy this: You want a monitor with the sensibility and size of a small luxury yacht.

Who’s it for: Gamers, professionals, and everyone in between.

How much will it cost: Around $800

Why we picked the Samsung S34E790C:

First and foremost, this monitor is a striking piece of hardware. The design is understated, effortless and professional, and gets out of the way to let its best feature shine: that massive curved display. The frame and stand all seem to melt away when you’re sitting in front of this monitor. Colors saturate your vision from all angles, and the monitor is all-encompassing.

The S34E790C offers stunning picture quality, with rich inky blacks and – after a little tweaking – vivid and lifelike colors. This level of quality on a standard 16:9 display would be outstanding. The fact that it’s on a massive, gently curved 21:9 display makes it truly a sight to behold. Resolution comes in at 3,440 x 1,440, which works out to about 130 pixels per inch. That’s as sharp as you’ll find on an ultra-wide monitor.

In addition to the stunning display, it has a simple and professional exterior design which makes it a bit of a chameleon. It would be just as comfortable beside a flashy gaming PC decked out in LEDs as it would in an office beside a dusty old workstation. The Samsung S34E790C doesn’t need a flashy exterior design because its size, clarity, and resolution make it a showstopper all on its own. While we were conducting the review, it was lavished with attention from anyone who walked by, and it’s easy to see why.

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