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Dell Intros First Tablet PC

Dell Intros First Tablet PC

Hot on the heels of Toshiba’s ninth-generation tablet PC, the M700, Dell has announced its very first entry into the tablet market. Rather than slipping out a budget model to test the waters, Dell will attempt to lead the market with its high-end Latitude XT, which delivers a slim profile, low weight, and new touch screen technology.

The Latitude XT’s main claim to fame is its capacitive touch screen, the same technology used for the iPhone. The Latitude’s touch screen should be faster, more accurate, and more responsive than the resistive touch screens commonly used by other tablet makers. And although multi-touch, the ability to use two fingers at once on the screen for tasks like resizing, won’t function out of the box, Dell has alluded to future upgrades that may make  it possible.

Dell also claims the Latitude XT weighs in at under four pounds, and takes the title for the thinnest convertible tablet on the market (although the company’s press release curiously omitted dimensions). Other specs include an Intel Core 2 Solo or Duo ULV processor, ATI Radeon X1250 graphics, an optional 64GB solid-state drive, and an optional battery that will extend operating time to 9.5 hours. And, like Toshiba’s M700, LED backlighting will also be in the cards for those who want to shell out for it.

The Latitude XT will start at $2,499 when it launches in January 2008.