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Intel Prescott P4 3.4E Processor Reviews

Quote from the review at Accelenation:

“Last month Intel launched their long awaited Prescott core Pentium 4 processors. The core was met with yawn and abysmal fanfare. The abysmal fanfare came from the extended pipeline that was increased to 31 stages. While Intel tried their best to cover up the extended pipeline by doubling the L1, L2 cache, and improving the branch prediction unit, the results of the 31 stage pipeline was still noticeable. Tests showed that the Prescott clock for clock was slower than the Northwood in most applications and it was estimated that the Prescott wouldn’t be faster than the Northwood until 3.6 GHz.

Today Intel brings us one step closer to 3.6 GHz by introducing the Prescott at 3.4 GHz. While the Prescott 3.4 GHz was officially launched with the Prescott 3.2 and Northwood 3.4, there were some problems getting the processor out on the market; till now. For today’s article we’ll be taking a look at the Prescott and Northwood at 3.4 GHz. “

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