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Mozilla integrates Delicious, Saavn into Firefox

Last year, Mozilla made Firefox (its open source Web browser) more social networking-friendly by partnering with Facebook, a content aggregation service called Cliqz, and the Japanese social network Mixi, to integrate these services into Firefox. Now, Mozilla has announced partnerships with two additional services, further integrating external services into Firefox. Mozilla made these announcements via an official blog post.

With Firefox, you can now use Delicious, a content aggregation service, from within the browser. Headed up by YouTube founders Chad Hurley & Steve Chen, Delicious can now be paired with your Firefox install by clicking on this page and hitting the “Activate Delicious for Firefox” button. Delicious is also available for Google Chrome.

Mozilla also announced that a browser add-on/extension for Saavn, a social music player that enjoys a fair bit of popularity in India, is now also available. No need to crack open additional browser tabs to play your favorite tunes while you browse. You’ll now be able to open a Saavn sidebar, allowing you to seamlessly surf the Web and simultaneously maintain a firm grip on what you’re listening to, all while never taking your eyes off your current browser tab. This extension is only available for Firefox, and you can add it by clicking here and hitting the “Activate Now” button.

At this point, we’re not seeing either of these add-ons/extensions in Firefox’s search for add-ons tool, so these seem to be the only ways you can grab Delicious and Saavn at this point. Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see what other moves Mozilla will make to continue integrating external services into its popular Web browser.

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