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OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse

OCZ Technology Group isn’t exactly a name which rolls off the tongue when one thinks of computer gaming peripherals. OCZ, normally known for manufacturing high-performance memory and components, hopes to change that by unveiling a new PC gaming mouse known as the OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse.

One thing you will notice right away about the OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse is its bold blue design. This mouse body houses a rodent ready to game. One of the chief features of this mouse is its Triple Threat button. This button, set near the scroll wheel, is normally used for double click actions like opening documents. When engaged in game mode however, the Triple Threat button boosts a gamer’s fire rate by providing a firing rate of three times for each click.

Another feature which OCZ thinks will make the Equalizer Laser Mouse stand out is its six levels of DPI sensitivity. These levels, which range from 400 to 2,500, are generated from a dual laser engine and can be adjusted on the fly for greater sensitivity via a button in the upper portion of the mouse’s body.

OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse
Image Courtesy of OCZ

The Equalizer Laser Mouse, which is wired, has a right-handed ergonomic design and connects to a computer via a gold-plated USB connector. It sports a no-slip grip and also comes equipped with back and forward buttons in addition to the DPI and Triple Threat ones.

Two versions of the OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse, both with a six-year warranty, will be available. These versions include desktop and mobile sizes and are offered up as options to fit a user’s different portability and size preferences. Software is also included for customization.

More information on the OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse is available by visiting OCZ’s Web site.