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Pixel Qi Shows First 3Qi Hybrid Display

Pixel Qi Shows First 3Qi Hybrid Display

Startup display developer Pixel Qi—which spun out of the OLPC project has posted the first images of its upcoming 3Qi display, which combines a black-and-white mode, full-color mode, and an epaper mode intended for ebook readers. The image shows two 3Qi screens side-by-side, one using its epaper mode with no backlighting, and the other showing a full color image with its backlight on. Pixel Qi founder Mary Lou Jepson has also posted an image of the display outside in full sunlight, although the test unit’s metal bezel and quality of the iPhone photo make it difficult to evaluate the display’s quality, it’s certainly readable.

Pixel Qi says the 3Qi displays will be available this fall for netbooks and ebook readers in 10.1-inch diagonal screen sizes.

The 3Qi display isn’t targeting future OLPC devices, although Pixel Qi says it is continuing to work with the OLPC project on future designs. Mary Lou Jepson has also extolled both touch and multitouch technologies as key to the future of display, although for now Pixel Qi is focusing on pulling low-cost, sunlight-readable displays into products aimed at developing markets.

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