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This 17-inch HP laptop is on sale for just $300 — but hurry!

The HP 17t-cn300 17.3-inch laptop against a white background.

If you want to buy a laptop with a relatively large screen, the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank with your purchase because you can get the HP Laptop 17t for a very affordable $300. It’s on sale from HP with a $200 discount on its original price of $500, but there’s no telling how much time is remaining before this offer expires. We don’t think it will stay available for long because laptop deals like this almost always get sold out quickly, so complete the transaction as soon as possible to make sure that you don’t miss out on the savings.

Why you should buy the HP Laptop 17t

With the 17.3-inch display of the HP Laptop 17t, you’ll have a lot of screen real estate to work on your projects and watch streaming shows. It’s pretty affordable for a laptop with this large screen, which offers HD+ resolution for sharp details and vibrant colors. However, despite its big display, the HP Laptop 17t maintains portability because it’s only 0.78 of an inch thick, which makes it easy to slide into your bag when you’re on the go, and it won’t be too heavy to carry around because it only weighs about 4.6 pounds.

In terms of performance, the HP Laptop 17t isn’t going to challenge the best laptops. However, with its Intel Processor N200, Intel UHD Graphics, and 8GB of RAM, it will be enough for typical day-to-day tasks like typing documents, doing online research, and attending online meetings. The laptop is equipped with the HP True Vision 720p HD camera and dual-array digital microphones, and it runs on Windows 11 Home that’s pre-loaded in its 256GB SSD.

The HP Laptop 17t is an excellent budget-friendly choice if you want your laptop to have the biggest display possible, and if you’re interested, you’re in luck because a $200 discount from HP makes it even more affordable. From its sticker price of $500, it’s down to just $300, but you’ll have to be quick with your purchase because this bargain may end at any moment. To be able to get the HP Laptop 17t at 40% off, it’s highly recommended that you add it to your cart and proceed with the checkout process immediately.

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