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DT Daily: Siri on the stand, 4 trillion frames per second, pumped up Dodge Charger

Today on DT Daily: a murder suspect’s alleged unusual helper, a very, very fast camera and just what every family needs: a 4-door sedan that goes 204 miles an hour.

Technology has taken center stage at a Florida murder trial involving Pedro Bravo, who is accused of killing his roommate and then hiding the body.

But a central point in the case is whether Bravo had some help in allegedly hiding the remains of Christian Aguilar back in 2012, and did that help come from Siri, the friendly Apple iPhone personal assistant. Prosecutors say they have evidence Bravo asked Siri, “I need help hiding my roommate.” Siri’s somewhat macabre response: had he considered swamps, reservoirs, metal foundries or dumps? Wow! Siri, we hardly knew ya.

Looks like Apple has tweaked Siri a bit since then, because if you ask it the same thing now, Siri responds with a more diplomatic request for a clarification. The trial is still under way.

Cameras are getting more sophisticated, and one popular new feature is slow motion photography. But some Japanese researchers have developed a camera that puts your 120 frame per second tech toy to shame.

According to a report published in tech photo forum Nature Photonics, the researchers have produced a camera that take 4.4 trillion shots per second. That should make for some fun slo-mo of those hummingbirds. Really, though, the camera will be used to capture super-short-term events that include chemical reactions, the movement of light – something MIT has already done – and even the movements of atoms.

Fun stuff, but it’s gonna take forever to download 4 trillion photos…

Dodge sent shock waves through the automotive world recently when they announced their new Hellcat muscle car was going to pack 707 horsepower, which is more than some supercars costing five times as much – or more.

Of course, the only reasonable thing to do next was to drop that monster motor in the Dodge Charger, the Challenger’s 4-door cousin, which has much more of a family hauler vibe. And now we’ve learned they’re going to do just that. Called the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, this super-powered family truckster will probably be the ultimate sleeper car, seeing how it has a top speed of 204 miles an hour.

That kind of lunacy – which we love – should make the supercharged Charger the fastest sedan on the planet. How much will it cost? Dodge hasn’t said yet, but seeing how the Hellcat is going for just 60 grand, we think the Charger will probably be in the same neighborhood, so you’ll have money left over to pay off those speeding tickets. Or make bail.

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