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DT Daily: Smart garments by Athos , Roku TV on the way, GTA 5 Flight School update

Wrist-borne fitness trackers and smartwatches are so 2012. Earlier this week Athos unveiled its first product: a bio-sensing smart shirt that uses electro-myography to track your heart rate, respiration rate, respiration volume, movement intensity, the number of calories you’ve burned, and a whole lot more. Movement is measured with the help of a detachable “core” that clips onto the shirt’s upper arm. This little module is equipped with a slew of different sensors, including a six-axis accelerometer and a Bluetooth radio to communicate all the data to your smartphone. After extensive testing on athletes around the globe, Athos is finally ready for production. Cores are going for $199, whereas shirts and shorts can be had for the pre-launch price of just $99.

When the first Roku TVs were unveiled in January at CES, it seemed like a no-brainer. The brilliantly simple interface, baked into a smart TV, creates an all-in-one viewing solution. Now, Chinese manufacturers TCL and Hisense have announced their new Roku TVs will soon land in U.S. stores. Both manufacturers are targeting the entry level smart TV market, with the largest panel being a 55 inch, priced around $650. Roku has always been a bit of a working class streaming machine. And with pricing that contends with many dumb LED TVs on the market, it’s making a great case for the budget minded cord-cutters to consider stepping into a new display.

San Andreas Flight School, the latest free update for GTA Online, takes to the skies with a pile-on of new content designed to make the skies above Los Santos and Blaine County just a little bit less friendly. In addition to an assortment of new vehicles: including two jets, two helicopters, and a new sports car — the add-on also includes a fresh batch of 10 aerial challenge missions, flight suits for male and female characters, and customizable parachutes. You can nab the update by firing up GTA Online and downloading it directly from the in-game store.