GTA Online soars into the danger zone with San Andreas Flight School

San Andreas Flight School, the latest free update for GTA Online, takes to the skies with a pile-on of new content designed to make the skies above Los Santos and Blaine County just a little bit less friendly. In addition to an assortment of new vehicles — two jets (including a 16-seater), two helicopters, and a new sports car (just because) — the add-on also includes a fresh batch of 10 aerial challenge missions, flight suits for male and female characters, customizable parachutes, and a new reserve chute option.

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GTA Online continues to grow as Rockstar quietly works on getting the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of the game ready for its previously announced fall 2014 launch. The spruced up port was announced at E3 2014, but we’ve heard nothing more concrete than the vague “fall” window for its arrival. We’re also still waiting for an update on when the promised co-op Heists mode will be released for GTA Online.

You can nab the update by firing up GTA Online and downloading it directly from the in-game store. You get a peek at what’s new in the screenshots up top, and you can get a better sense of how San Andreas Flight School works in the new trailer, below.