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‘Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded’ puts Larry back on the prowl in June

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Larry Laffer turned 25-years-old in 2012. After that many years, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of Lounge Lizards should just be a document of another time, a relic of Sierra Entertainment’s golden age of adventure game development and of a very singular era of losers doing everything they can to get laid. Larry’s story isn’t bound by time, though. His plight and his failures are, and always have been timeless. There will always be dorks who think they’re dressed for success and make fools of themselves in bars across the land, doused heavily in the sugary sop of thrown drinks. Everyone will get a new chance to live that loser’s life when Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded comes out in June.

In development since the end of 2011, the HD remake of the original Larry features completely redrawn graphics, a mountain of newly recorded voice acting, and a perfectly preserved sense of lowbrow humor that has survived the years. The edition available in June will only be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but an  iOS version is due to follow later this year.

Series creator Al Lowe and the team working at Replay Games to bring back the series have had the game playable on an iPad for over a year now, and Digital Trends walked away from a session with the version deeply pleased and ready for the rest of the series. Since successfully raising more than $655,000 on Kickstarter in 2012 for Larry, the plan for Replay and Lowe has been to remake the entire original PC adventure series in the same style, eventually making a brand new sequel in the form of Leisure Suit Larry 8. “I still haven’t forgotten about [the unfinished] Larry 4 and Larry 8,” Lowe told Digital Trends last year, “It seems to me there are a lot of new Larrys formed every week these days. There’s no end of source material!”