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This new Evolve trailer breaks down exactly how the game works

We’ve seen a lot of jargon-riddled talk about Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve, which terms like “asymmetric multiplayer” and “vertical gameplay” making sense to only the most savvy followers of games biz happenings. But what does it all mean?

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That’s probably why Turtle Rock and publisher 2K Games put together this handy “Survival Guide” trailer. It’s a seven-minute rundown of how Evolve works, top to bottom. Learn how each of the hulking, player-controlled monsters work, as well as the four distinct classes of hunter pursuing them, the various modes you can play in, and the way neutral alien life forms interact with both the monster and the hunters.

Evolve missed its previously scheduled October 2014 release, with Turtle Rock citing the need for more time to polish up the experience. The game is now coming on February 10, 2015, for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One platforms.

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