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New The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim patch lets your character become a digital god

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There is a problem at the heart of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s the same problem that lies at the heart of all role-playing games that place you in the role of some messianic hero: the level cap. How are players supposed to feel like unstoppable titans if they have to stop growing in power like a mere mortal? Skyrim patch number 1.9 comes close to fixing this problem. Skyrim PC players can hop onto Steam and try out the beta version of version 1.9, which allows you to grow in strength until your mere touch makes enemies explode. Or close enough. 

In addition to myriad bug fixes and stabilization of the core, Bethesda has introduced two significant additions to the Skyrim in version 1.9, “Legendary difficulty” and “Legendary Skills.”  Legendary difficulty is self-described, upping the challenge presented by enemies in the world. In the studio’s own words though, the introduction of Legendary Skills “effectively removes the overall level cap” in the game. Any skill, from one-handed weapons to lockpicking, that’s been boosted to level 100 in the game can be made legendary, reverting it back to level 15 and removing perks to open it for leveling all over again. That means your character can use those skills to build their central levels forever, getting stronger and stronger.

Bethesda already made a game that can feasibly go on forever thanks to random events. Now your character in the game can go on forever too.