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How to get married in Skyrim

As Bethesda's most popular console title, with 30 million copies sold, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still attracts new players in 2021 while retaining old fans from 2011. Skyrim's lure is limitlessness; players can do anything, even get married and adopt kids. Are you tired of sucking up dragon souls and slaying giants? Maybe it's time to settle down in a cozy cottage in Eastmarch with the love of your life and some children to raise. This guide will focus on how to get married in Skyrim and all the blissful bells and whistles that it brings.




30 minutes

What You Need

  • Obtain the Amulet of Mara

  • Start " The Book of Love" quest

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How does marriage work in Skyrim?

Getting married in Skyrim is pretty easy, especially for the Dragonborn. Hopefully, the children inherit their Dragonborn parent's genes. You can marry more than 60 different NPCs across the land, each with a prerequisite that must be met. Once married, you and your partner will go into business together, opening up a small trade shop from wherever you call home. Don't worry; your spouse will do all the work. All you have to do is ask for your share of 100 gold every 24 in-game hours. This gold accumulates, so if you're away from Morndas to Turdas, you can still collect everything you missed. You can even sell extra junk to them.

To get married in Skyrim, you need to obtain the Amulet of Mara and speak with Maramal in Riften. Then, approach the NPC you wish to marry. You must complete their prerequisite quest before the dialogue option shows up. Propose to them and conduct the wedding ceremony. Choose one of your many estates to start your family and finally enjoy the perks of married life. So, how does the Dragonborn do all that? We wonder if deep-space marriage will be a thing in Starfield, Bethesda's next big undertaking.

Step 1: Obtain the Amulet of Mara. The Amulet of Mara is easy to come by, and there are several sprinkled throughout the game. There’s probably one sitting in your inventory right now. To kill two mudcrabs with one stone, head to Riften and speak with Maramal, a Redguard priest and member of the Cult of Mara. You can find him at the Bee and Barb (when you first arrive in Riften) or at the Temple of Mara. He’ll sell you an Amulet of Mara for 200 gold. Then, ask him about marriage.

Speaking with Maramal is a crucial step in the marriage process, so getting an Amulet from him is the easiest way to do it. Think of the Amulet like an engagement ring, only much less expensive.

Alternatively, players can find an Amulet of Mara in random chests and play areas. You’ll find one north of Dawnstar, on a beach inside the Lover’s Tent. The location is unmarked but hard to miss. It’s right behind the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, which leads us to believe these two “lovers” fell victim to the Brotherhood.

Finally, players can complete a quest called “The Book of Love." Start this quest in the Temple of Mara by speaking to Dinya Balu.

Step 2: Propose. With the Amulet of Mara draped around the Dragonborn’s neck, you’re ready to drop to one knee and propose to the man or woman of your dreams. As long as you’ve completed their quest (listed below), you can ask them to marry you. Once they’ve accepted your proposal, it’s time to head back to Riften to plan the wedding.

Step 3: Conduct the Wedding Ceremony. Speak with Maramal and make plans to conduct the wedding ceremony. However, Maramal doesn’t give a specific time for the wedding ceremony, and you can miss it. The easiest way not to miss your wedding is to stay in the Temple of Mara and wait for an hour at a time. Make sure “attend your wedding ceremony” is set as the active quest. Keep waiting for one-hour periods until the white quest marker appears over Maramal’s head. Then, approach the altar.

Maramal will conduct the ceremony, and you may even see some old friends from the past in attendance. On the off chance that you miss the wedding, you can approach your soon-to-be spouse and Maramal and ask for a second chance. The wedding will then be held the next day. Waiting for one-hour periods in the Temple of Mara shouldn’t backfire for any reason.

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Perks of married life

After the ceremony, your spouse will ask about where the two of you will live. You will have the option to choose any of the homes you currently own. You can also build yourself a home with the Hearthstone DLC. Your new spouse will meet you wherever you choose, and you’re free to move at any time. Don’t own a home? No worries, you can move in with your spouse.

Once per day, you can ask your spouse to make you a Home Cooked Meal, which will boost your Health, Stamina, and Magicka regeneration by 25% for 10 minutes. Sleeping in the same house as your spouse will give you a daily bonus called Lover’s Comfort, which boosts your skill learning speed by 15% for eight hours. This boost does not work if the Lover Stone is active. Perhaps there'll be more perks of married life available in The Elder Scrolls VI?

Who can you marry in Skyrim?

If all the above perks of married life sound intriguing to you, it’s time to decide on a spouse. Here’s a full list of everyone you can marry in Skyrim, along with their location and prerequisites.

Female marriage options in Skyrim

Aela the Huntress:Jorrvaskr, Whiterun — Complete the Companions’ questline.

Aeri: Anga’s Mill, The Pale — Chop firewood with her.

Anween: Temple of Dibella, Markarth — Complete “The Heart of Dibella.”

Avrusa Sarethi: Sarethi Farm, The Rift — Collect 20 Jazbay Grapes

Borgakh the Steel Heart: Mor Khazgur, Haafingar — Pay her dowry or convince her to leave her home.

Brelyna Maryon: College of Winterhold — Complete “Brelyna’s Practice.”

Camilla Valerius: Riverwood Trader, Riverwood — Complete “The Golden Claw.”

Dravynea the Stoneweaver: Kynesgrove, Eastmarch — Give her Frost Salts.

Ghorza gra-Bagol: Blacksmith Shed, Markarth — Find and give her with The Last Scabbard of Akrash (Book).

Gilfre: Mixwater Mill, Eastmarch — Chop firewood with her.

Hilund: Bujold’s Retreat or Thirsk Mead Hall — Complete “Retaking Thirsk” and then collect 50 Reikling Spears.

Iona: Honeyside, Riften — Become the Thane of The Rift.

Jenassa: The Drunken Huntsman, Whiterun — Hire her.

Jordis the Sword-Maiden: Proudspire Manor, Solitude — Become the Thane of Solitude.

Lydia: Whiterun — Become the Thane of Whiterun. (You must buy the Breezehome.)

Mjoll the Lioness: Riften — Retrieve her sword from Mzinchaleft.

Morwen: Skaal Village — Free the Skaal after you deliver her mother’s amulet to Runil in Falkreath.

Muiri: The Hag’s Cure, Markarth — Complete “Mourning Never Comes” and kill both targets.

Njada Stonearm: Jorrvaskr, Whiterun — Complete the Companions’ story arc.

Orla: Temple of Dibella, Markarth — Complete “The Heart of Dibella.”

Rayya: Lakeview Manor, Falkrieth — Become the Thane of Falkreath, then buy Lakeview Manor.

Ria: Jorrvaskr, Whiterun — Complete the Companions’ story arc.

Senna: Temple of Dibella, Markarth — Complete “The Heart of Dibella.”

Shahvee: Argonian Assemblage, Windhelm — Recover her lost Amulet of Zenithar and return it to her.

Sylgja: Shor’s Stone, The Rift — Return her Satchel to her father in Darkwater crossing.

Taarie: Solitude — Complete “Fit for a Jarl,” and invest in Radiant Raiment. (You must have Investment perk in the Speech tree.)

Temba Wide-Arm: Ivarstead, The Rift — Give her 10 Bear Pelts.

Uthgerd the Unbroken: The Bannered Mare, Whiterun — Beat her in a brawl.

Viola Giordano: Candlehearth Hall, Windhelm — Rat out Viola during Revyn Sadri’s favor.

Ysolda: Whiterun — Give her a Mammoth Tusk.

Male marriage options in Skyrim

Ainethach: Karthwasten, The Reach — Get the Silver-Blood Thugs to leave his mine.

Angrenor Once-Honored: Candlehearth Hall, Windhelm — Give him a gold piece.

Argis the Bulwark: Vlindrel Hall, Markarth — Become the Thane of Markarth.

Athis: Jorrvaskr Living Quarters, Whiterun — Complete the Companions' story arc.

Balimund: The Scorched Hammer, Riften — Give him 10 Fire Salts.

Belrand: The Winking Skeever, Solitude — Hire him.

Benor: Morthal — Beat him in a brawl.

Calder: Hjerim, Windhelm — Become the Thane of Eastmarch.

Cosnach: Silver-Blood Inn, Markarth — Beat him in a brawl.

Derkeethus: Darkwater Crossing, Eastmarch — Rescue him.

Farkas: Jorrvaskr, Whiterun — Complete the Companions' story arc.

Filnjar: Shor's Stone, The Rift — Complete the "Mine or Yours" quest.

Gat gro-Shargakh: Left Hand Mine or Kolskeggr Mine, The Reach — Complete the favor for Pavo Attius to liberate Kolskeggr Mine.

Ghorbash the Iron Hand: Burguk's Longhouse, The Reach — Convince him to leave or pay his dowry.

Gregor: The White Hall, Dawnstar — Become the Thane of The Pale.

Marcurio: Bee and Barb, Riften — Hire him.

Halbarn Iron-Fur: Bujold's Retreat or Thirsk Mead Hall — Complete "Retaking Thirsk" and "Halbarn's Supplies."

Moth gro-Bagol: Understone Keep, Markarth — Give him a Daedra Heart.

Octieve San: Winking Skeever, Solitude — Help the gamblers.

Omluag: Markarth Smelter, Markarth — Talk to Mulush gro-Shugurz in Markarth regarding the smelter workers.

Onmund: College of Winterhold — Recover his Amulet.

Pavo Attius: Left Hand Mine or Kolskeggr Mine, The Reach — Liberate Kolskeggr Mine.

Perth: Soljund's Sinkhole, The Reach — Clear the Draugr out of Soljund's Sinkhole.

Quintus Navale: The White Phial, Windhelm — Complete "Repairing the Phial."

Revyn Sadri: Sadri's Used Wares, Windhelm — Return the stolen ring to Viola Giordano.

Roggi Knot-Beard: Steamscorch Mine, Kynesgrove, Eastmarch — Find and return his Family Shield.

Romlyn Dreth: Black-Briar Meadery, Riften — Bring the Black-Briar Mead Keg to Ivarstead and give it to Wilhelm.

Scouts-Many-Marshes: Argonian Assemblage, Windhelm — Talk to Torbjorn Shatter-Shield about the Argonian dock workers.

Sondas Drenin: Goldenrock Mine, Darkwater Crossing, Eastmarch — Give his note to Quintus Navale.

Sorex Vinius: Winking Skeever, Solitude — Bring kegs of rum to Falk Firebeard at the Blue Palace.

Stenvar: Candlehearth Hall, Windhelm — Hire him.

Torvar: Jorrvaskr, Whiterun — Complete the Companions' story arc.

Vilkas: Jorrvaskr, Whiterun — Complete the Companions' story arc.

Vorstag: Silver-Blood Inn, Markarth — Hire him.

Wilhelm: Vilemyr Inn, Ivarstead, The Rift — Investigate and complete Shroud Hearth Barrow.

For more marriage fun, don’t forget to check out some of the best mods in Skyrim downloadable from the main screen.

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