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Snack — and attack: Buy Doritos or Mountain Dew to access new 'Titanfall 2' mode

Titanfall 2 launches next month with a selection of competitive multiplayer maps that includes the returning “Hardpoint” and the fast-paced “Pilots vs. Pilots,” but if you want to face off in some one-on-one duels, you might want to go buy some snacks.

Dubbed “Coliseum,” the one-on-one game mode will be available through codes on the packaging of both Mountain Dew and Doritos. Purchasing either of the two products will also give you a chance to win additional Titan skins and a special execution, as well as bonus XP.

“Accessible only by Coliseum tickets, this fast, ruthless game mode is determined by the best two out of three,” Mountain Dew and Doritos state in a release obtained by Polygon. “This winner walks away with gifts and unlockables in the form of Advocate Gifts.”

Electronic Arts clarified this statement later on Friday, telling Digital Trends though the game mode is accessible through Coliseum tickets on packages of the snacks, the tickets will also be available through normal gameplay.

“Anyone can earn Coliseum tickets just be playing multiplayer, but they are also available through the Mountain Dew and Buffalo Wild Wings promotions,” a company spokesperson said.

The Buffalo Wild Wings promotion was announced by the restaurant chain in August. As¬†with Doritos and Mountain Dew, eating or ordering takeout at a Buffalo Wild Wings gives you a ticket to try out Coliseum on your platform of choice, as well as “nose art” for your Titan — it features the Buffalo Wild Wings signature yellow with two wings jutting out to the side. The promotion features Mountain Dew branding at the restaurant, as well, with a “co-branded Mountain Dew Buffalo Wild Wings Collector’s Edition 32-ounce takeout cup.” It runs from the game’s release date, October 28, until November 30.

This is far from the first time Doritos and Mountain Dew have helped to promote a first-person shooter. For several years, the Halo franchise was associated with the snacks, while Mountain Dew Game Fuel and Activision have partnered for Call of Duty games more recently. As someone who has tried Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew, I only hope that it gets a wider release with Titanfall 2 branding. It tastes exactly like what you’d expect.

Updated on 9-23-16 by Gabe Gurwin: Updated with clarification statement from EA on how to get Coliseum tickets