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Two more free PlayStation Plus games added as PS Vita Play promo kicks off

Add two more free games to the Instant Game Collection lineup available to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Worms: Battle Islands are now up for grabs on PlayStation 3 and PSP/PS Vita, respectively. Brothers, the more recent of the two, is the inventive 2013 puzzle adventure from Starbreeze in which players control two brothers simultaneously – one on each thumbstick – as they journey to cure their dying father’s illness. Worms: Battle Islands is the 2010 take on Team17’s turn-based strategy series in which competing teams of well-armed worms attempt to destroy each other.

Today also marks the start of Sony’s PS Vita Play sale, which sees four Vita games released over a four-week period with reduced prices for PS Plus subscribers and store credit rewards for multiple purchases. The four games, in order of release, are: OlliOlli (out 1/21), Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (out 1/28), Dustforce (out 2/4), and TxK (out 2/11). The games are priced at $12.99, $39.99, $9.99, and $9.99, respectively, with PS Plus subscribers getting 20-percent off during each launch week. The credit bonus increases with each game you buy: get two, and you score $3 of store credit toward your next purchase; get three, and it’s $6 credit; get all four, and it’s $10 credit.

You can find more info on each game at Sony’s PlayStation Blog, along with specific prices for each PS Plus-discounted game. The promotion starts today with the release of OlliOlli and it continues on into mid-February.